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Pura Pegulingan is built in Caka year 1100 (1178 C) by King Masula Masuli. The location of the temple is in Basangambu Tampak Siring Gianyar regency. This
Located just 10 minutes outside of Ubud in Bali, Goa Gajah is a significant Hindu archaeological site. Goa Gajah is locally known as the Elephant Cave because of
Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring terletak di Banjar Penaka, Kecamatan Tampaksiring, Kabupaten Gianyar, Candi Gunung Kawi merupakan situs arkeologi berupa candi yang dipahatkan pada dinding batu di
Tirta Empul is located in the upper course of pakerisan rive, Manukaya Vilage Tampaksiring Sub district Gianyar Regency.
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Welcome to Gianyar Regency

The Soul of Art and Culture

Villages Tourism

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Ubud Village
Perched on the gentle slopes leading up towards the...
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Sidan Village
Sidan Nature Tourist Object is located at Sidan Village,...
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Kemenuh Village
he Kemenuh village is located in Sukawati District  ,...
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Pejeng Village
Pejeng village located in District Tampaksiring, Gianyar...
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Tampak Siring Village
Tampaksiring Palace is located in the village of...
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Petulu Village
Kokokan (white Herons) bird that lives in Petulu village...
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Kedewatan Village
On hearing the name of Kedewatan Village, our mind will...
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Mas Village
It is strategically located in the main road from...
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Bedulu Village
Bedulu Tourism Village, a village that full of cultural...
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Batubulan Village
Batubulan Village is an art village situated in west gate...
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Peliatan Village
Peliatan is best known for its legong - a graceful dance...
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In legends, Legong kraton  is the heavenly dance of divine nymphs. Of all classical Balinese...
What makes the Kecak special is that the accompanying music is provided by the human voice, the...
Sidakarya mask is part of the mask dance performances that accompanied the ceremony in Bali...
Barong is probably the most well known dance. It is also another story telling dance, narrating...

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