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Pura Kebo Edan

Pura Kebo Edan

Pura Kebo Edan is Hindu Tantric cult PLACE That is administratively located in the hamlet Intaran, Pejeng Village, District Sukawati, Gianyar. Pura husband is on the border village of Bedulu and Pejeng Village.


Pura Kebo Edan is between the rice fields and residential Villagers diselatan And Pejeng Which are the western Channel and air paddy rice field Bedulu Subak And North section contained Pegending Subak rice fields. In the Pura Kebo Edan there are several statues husband Yang became important historical relics, namely;

     Bhairawa Shiva statue, the statue The figure depicts Bhairawa Join Date Dancing Above the human cadaver New Articles The Great physique, High, Stump ?? And New Articles curly hair wearing masks And High Standing approximately 3.5 meters. It initials see Dari Feature Articles That wears Dancing bring the snake at the foot and hand. Bhairawa including In, Flow Tantrayana niwerti BECAUSE debauched to achieve freedom and worldly satisfaction.

     Arca Buffalo squatting, crouching statue Yang describe Buffalo.

     Bhairawa Giant statues, statues Unique New Articles bulging eyes, Ornament Yang USE form of Skull While carrying Also bowl decorated with a skull.

     Arca Ganesa or Batara Gana.

     Arca Nandi.

     Elephant statues.

     And natural stones

     Arca Gana or supporting pole

Wire color Wire color WHILE husband, yet authentic ADA Evidence That reveals the history of Pura Kebo Edan BECAUSE Resources not yet found written, however, the Archeological Remains The statues mainly contained in Pura Kebo Edan husband Proof can be useful. Husband is a relic temple XIII century BC became the language of prayer One thing Evidence that Tantric Hinduism in Bali Developing. Tantric teachings embraced Posted by King Kediri in East Java Century 13 expands his power Wire color Wire color Bali. King Kertanegara Lifting representatives in Bali Named Kebo Parud And THEN Hinduism in Bali also influenced by Tantric Hinduism. Name Kebo Edan Which means Buffalo crazy chances taken Dari pair of statues Buffalo What are dipura husband. Two statues of buffalo husband Central illustrated look for Google New Articles Anger toward a statue of Shiva Bhairawa The Date Join to practice the teachings of the New Articles Bhairawa niwerti path to achieve its objectives, ie indulgence to Drunk.

Many rice fields around Pura Kebo Edan husband indicates that most residents of the hamlet Intaran to work as farmers, however ADA also Its trade and become servants.

Search Google New Articles dijadikanya Pura Kebo Edan as salat The land surface tourism in Bali, then TERM-TERM made for the convenience of tourists, namely; toilet, parking And PLACE rental shawl Dan Yang Yang is a resident Clothing must be worn If the entrance to the temple.

Pura Kebo Edan travel is approximately 17.4 km English From Denpasar That ENOUGH taken in, within 45 minutes if Andari Want to visit.

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