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Kedewatan Village

Kedewatan Village

On hearing the name of Kedewatan Village, our mind will surely point to a menu of delicious mixed rice. As a matter of fact, the village located in Ubud subdistrict, Gianyar, has another advantage such as unique culture. As a result, many small-scale hotels to star hotels are established at the village. Besides, the challenging rapids of Ayung River in the west of the village have attracted many tourists to enjoy rafting adventure.


Kedewatan Village is a tourism route leading to Kintamani, Ubud and Batubulan. Therefore, the village is passed through by many foreign and domestic tourists every day. Uniquely, wherever they come from and go to, they always make their time to have a break for tasting the chicken rice of Kedewatan. Even, it has become something like ‘a tradition’ for tourist guides, travel agencies or local communities.

There are plenty of restaurants offering different types of mixed rice. However, the most visited locations are Warung Mardika, Jero Mangku, Ibu Agung and Warung Adnyani. Each restaurant is averagely visited by 200 people per day. Among those tourists, about 25 percent are foreign tourists.

Chief of Kedewatan Customary Village, Sang Putu Eka Pertama, said the village had a beautiful nature, fresh air and friendly people so that it made the village one of the prominent destinations. Moreover, the Kedewatan customary village had been declared as a culture-based village so that in maintaining the harmony of customary villagers his party always gave priority to culture.

Aside from having the original design of Balinese traditional architecture, the village also preserved the ancient and classical dance. It was the art in the form of Calonarang mystical drama entitled Kunti Sraya. In addition, the villagers of Kedewatan were also good at various kinds of art creativities such carving, painting and playing gamelan music. Therefore, star hotels, villas, inns, and art shops within the territory of customary village had become a source of revenue for the village.

Eka Pertama added the Kedewatan customary village had a total area of 150 hectares. Of such area, one-third remained an overlay of paddy field that still had its own potential amidst the rapid development of Kedewatan as part of tourism village.

The village formerly dropped in by Rishi Markandeya was inhabited by totally 2,237 people spreading across two hamlets, namely the Kedewatan and Kedewatan Anyar.

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