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Pura Pegulingan is built in Caka year 1100 (1178 C) by King Masula Masuli. The location of the temple is in Basangambu Tampak Siring Gianyar regency. This
Located just 10 minutes outside of Ubud in Bali, Goa Gajah is a significant Hindu archaeological site. Goa Gajah is locally known as the Elephant Cave because of
Gunung Kawi Tampaksiring terletak di Banjar Penaka, Kecamatan Tampaksiring, Kabupaten Gianyar, Candi Gunung Kawi merupakan situs arkeologi berupa candi yang dipahatkan pada dinding batu di
Tirta Empul is located in the upper course of pakerisan rive, Manukaya Vilage Tampaksiring Sub district Gianyar Regency.
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Tumpek Landep Day

Tumpek Landep is a holy day that is still closely associated with the decline of science today, the day of Saraswati. After people gain knowledge on Saraswati day, they have to sharpen the mind seruncing-pointed to be used as appropriate.


Holy day Tumpek Landep which is commemorated every six months has the meaning of sanctification sarwa pawukon sanjata that support human life. In the development sarva sanjata not only be interpreted as: spear, dagger, arrows, axes and others. However, all tools that support human life, including facilities and infrastructure and transport services.

In celebration of the community Landep Tumpek symbolically perform the ceremony to a variety of weapons, kris, spears and rifles. Tumpek Landep have meaning as a spiritual purification and spiritual elevation of which the mind and heart. Through purification of the human is expected to have a sharpness of mind as sharp as a weapon and purity of snow-clear water, so that what is said and done have an impact on the sensitivity and full commitment to all of creation Sang Hyang Widhi. Thus the sharpness in thinking that accompanied the saying of doing ethics must be in accordance with the teachings of Hinduism is Dharma. Tumpek Landep teach mankind to always care for and maintain all equipment and facilities that support human life, to be able to deal with fast-paced modernization development, precise and accurate.

Tumpek Landep is a process approach to God to hone the science in order to achieve true consciousness. In the current implementation, the celebration Tumpek Landep by the younger generation can be done with their studies as high as for the future, not clubbing and get drunk.

In the era of globalization along with the development of science and technology and information, human meanings and functions that are required to take small roles at work in all aspects of life both as a creator, maintainer and buster. What human being is created, maintained and melted down by the strength and the ability of humans but is only limited. Therefore mankind always introspective and self interospeksi against the weaknesses and limitations.

Thus, as humans do not become proud and arrogant whenever it had the ability and more power among the creation Hyang Widhi. Precisely sbagai more aware of the nature of human and spiritual identity in order to enhance the spiritual to the Brahman the Creator. Empu Kuturan stated:


Ikang citta hetu nikang atma pamukti swarga, citta hetu ning atma tibeng naraka, citta hetu nimittanyan pangdadi tiryak, citta hetunyan pengjanma manusia, citta hetunya pananggihaken kamoksan mwang kalepasan, nimitanya nihan




The mind which causes the person to enjoy the heaven, the mind which causes the person falls into hell, the mind is led into an animal, which causes the mind incarnate. The mind that cause people to get kamoksan and deliverance, so why If the dominant cause sattwika reach moksa

If the tattoo is the dominant cause of hell,

If the dominant cause hearted reincarnate into an animal

If sattwam and tattoo the dominant cause heaven

If sattwam, rajah and the hospitality of the dominant causes incarnate

Outwardly weapon has a sharpness of the blade tip and spiritually and sharpness of a weapon in human beings lies in the Tri Kaya Parisudha. Because the human part is the sharpest minds and eyes of the heart. Then, when applied through the mouth is the most sharp tongue, and when used through the deeds of the most sharply are the hands and feet. It needs to be controlled for acuity of mind, eye heart, tongue, hands and feet to function properly for the welfare and happiness of mankind. Nothing to hurt each other and there is no physical violence and psychological. Everything can be harmonized so that the existence of each growing mutual respect and appreciate one another.

Tumpek Landep also taught to care for and maintain all facilities and infrastructure that are in the holy place (temples, shrines and temples), such as weapons Dewata Nawa Sanga. Because it is associated with the meaning of Pura piodalan Tumpek Landep as the anniversary day of Pura and disinfection of all facilities and infrastructure equipment Hindu religious ceremonies including senajata Dewata Nawa Sanga.

Besides, the holy day of the fall in conjunction with Tumpek Landep Purnama holy day, then known as the piodalan Nadi. So there are three events of the anniversary of Hindu religious scriptures. Like the saying goes: once a paddle three islands exceeded, upakaranyapun to some degree under the terms of sacred literature. Upakaranya piodalan different than usual. Execute and deliver to upakara Yajna praying on the third day of the sacred objects each has a meaning as follows:

1. On the day piodalan Pura pura significant anniversary and enhance the sanctity of the temple.

2. On the day of meaningful sanctification Tumpek Landep sarwa weapons that support human life

3. The day was meaningful Purnama 'Yoga' it Hyang Candra, prestige Hyang Widhi that gives peace.

The meaning of that holy day as a motivation how mankind could bring the three-day holy holiness vibration into your self and be reflected in everyday life. Vibration purity obtained is very useful for the creation of tranquility, serenity, peace, prosperity and happiness for mankind deep. This is the most profound meaning of piodalan temple. Tumpek Landep and day Purnama as the momentum for mutual grindstones, compassion, and caring among all creation Hyang Widhi.

The essence of piodalan Tumpek Landep are:




Tumpek Landep is to worship Hyang piodalan Pasupati - the manifestation of God giving gift of life to sentient beings and weapons of human life. Therefore, when Tumpek Landep the pointed or sharp weapons such as kris diupacarai - as an act of devotion to God's people who have given him the weapons or equipment that facilitate human life. Later, not only the kris, the human equipment such as vehicles also diupacarai.

Weapons of life, said Rudia, no other is thinking. In order for intelligent minds, need to be sharpened. Through a keen mind capable of facing the enemy's people - namely the issues of life, including poverty, ignorance, and so forth. The various enemies that we must opponent with a weapon of life. In the face of problems, each weapon's life needs to be sharpened. If he is an artist, weapons berkeseniannya need sharpening. Sharpening the weapon is expected to bring taksu in the art.

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